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Are you an entrepreneur looking for a seed funding for your big idea?

Or a Venture looking for capital, synergy and expertise to scale up to next level?

Get in touch with us, with your vision, passion, idea and yourself.

As we received numerous funding requests everyday, please ensure that you include a pitch deck with following information in order to speed up the reviewing process.

  • Company name
  • Date of incorporation
  • Description of the business
  • Analysis of the market and the competition
  • Sales and Marketing strategy
  • Description of technology involved
  • Full resumés of key management (highlighting industry and market expertise)
  • Investment size and structure requested
  • Current financial statements and projections
  • Relevant financial data (eg. traction number, current revenue, investment raised and seeking)
Your plan should be a working document for the company, used in long-term planning, and not simply a sales tool for fundraising.


Some guiding principles on which we make our decision:

  • Your value system, integrity and past performance, if any
  • Is your idea/venture forward looking? Do you see a market for it, say 50 years ahead?
  • Is it sustainable and scalable?
  • Can someone duplicate the idea and make it better? If yes, how long will it take to do that?
  • Are you the best person to execute the idea/venture?
  • What are the additional competencies, value add and synergies would be required to succeed the vision into reality?
  • Apart from the monetary investment, how we can help you in taking your venture forward?
  • Last but not the least, does your venture fit into our value system?


Non-Disclosure agreement or Confidentiality Agreement

We don’t sign Non-Disclosure agreement or Confidentiality Agreement at the first stage of a potential relationship. We don’t do this entirely from our self-interest, we just think that you don’t really need one, and you’re better off without one.


Drop us an email at We will take care to keep your materials confidential.