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Our Story

Boutique Experience. Extraordinary Reach.
Small Team. Fast Decisions. All-in Commitment.

Our principles are based on longstanding virtues and family oriented values that have taken us to where we are today. As a family office, we understand the importance of developing and nurturing a legacy that withstands the test of time.

We customize our relationship with each portfolio company in a way that is meaningful and critical for them. In these partnerships with founders we strive to deliver high value help where needed. We have a passion for product and out-of-the-box thinking. Our role is to help you relieve pressure and realize the full potential of your business.

If we choose to work with you, capital is only starting point. We function as an extension of your team and we work for you. We have been in your shoes and apply resources as needed: domain expertise, company building experience, along with healthy dose of empathy and understanding.

We cover full spectrum of sectors like Internet, Mobile, Information Technology, Consumer Products and Services, Hospitality, Financial Services and Manufacturing Companies, through Seed, Venture and Growth Capital.

Structurally Aligned With You:

We ourselves operate like a start-up, and through our own experiences, global network and sector expertise support entrepreneurs to build and grow their own businesses.

We believe time is the element which matters most in our relationship with you. We make few investments per year and dedicate decidedly more time working with our existing portfolio than on looking at new companies.

Value creation is at the core of our existence.

Investment Philosophy:

We love to invest in big ideas.

We participate in early/seed to Series A, B, C investments, as well as later stage bridge rounds. We do not focus on specific verticals or industries, but invest in companies who have big, disruptive ideas.

We co-invest with other venture capital funds.